after decades of trying to be someone I wasn’t just to fit in to some idea that I have created in my head to fit some norms that made me belive that’s the only way I will ever feel accepted and loved I slowly started discovering I was doing all wrong. This place sheds a little light on my journey of discoverying who I really am, finding peace and quiet in beautiful places in nature, and letting go of everything that’s no longer of use to me. And sharing it all with you in hopes to inspire and pass on whatever little I have learned.


Has information about my adventures to beautiful places and how you can join me. Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend retreat where we escape the everyday noise, and experience blissful soulitude.


Is my blog, where I share my thoughts on just about anything, my favorite spots, books and quotes. I hope you find something helpful and inspiring here.


Here you find all the information about my stress release class that I have developed after immersing myself into studies of stress management, breathwork, hypnotherapy, holisitic healing and other modern/ancient mehtods to create the ultimate guided experience of letting go. 


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